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15 Mar : Click and Settle

Prasun Sangroula

These days in Kathmandu, spotting a rooms or flats for rent without any difficulties has been like winning an Olympic gold. People are facing too much of problem while searching for a room/flats on rent, most probably many of you may also had faced the problem.

Keeping this problem in mind an IT company Softech Foundation has designed a product named “”. Gharbheti was officially released on August 1, 2017, in the form of a website and mobile app. goal is to make people overcome with all the problems that they faces while searching for rooms/flats for rent. With that it also aims to reduce the old tiresome process of physical travel for the search of room, flat, building etc.  

Gharbheti team itself has been collecting and managing databases about to-let spaces in Kathmandu, with a team of agents residing in various locations of Kathmandu valley.

Gharbheti is an online real estate and rental solution platform where you can buy and sell properties, so as can promote and advertise them too.

How to use Gharbheti? And, how it works?

One can sign up on the website filling up the form at the top of the homepage of with details including location, types of spaces, and price range of spaces required. You’ll get notifications in your mail address after such a space is available with Gharbheti.

As of present, users can search for rooms, flats, apartments, office spaces, whole building, and hostels available for rent in Kathmandu. Gharbheti is just a channel to find a space for rent, or search a tenant. Neither the tenant nor the landlord has to pay charges for the service.

Gharbheti makes people search for spaces for rent in an efficient way, and for the landlords to find the right tenants in the shortest duration of time

 Gharbheti is not only fruitful for tenants; landlords can also get benefit from it, but how?  
If a landlord has to wait for months to get a person to rent a space, there wouldn’t be any revenue from the space for the time being for the landlord. In such a situation, Gharbheti can find a tenant for the space in a very short duration of time.

Talking about its visitors they are increasing day by. The website is visited by an average of 2000 unique users per day.

 Gharbheti is planning to come up with a lot of additional features that will help tenants and landlords both regarding searching and providing rooms, flats, hostels, among others respectively.  

Moreover the Gharbheti team has several future plans too. One of them is to make rooms available for people who arrive from all nooks and corners of Nepal for a short period of time like health treatments, or taking exams or the most common reason: making a passport. The only option for them as of now is to stay in hotels, which by the way is very expensive.