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18 Mar

Things you must know before shifting in a rented apartment.

Prasun Sangroula

Hey folks

How have you been? I hope you all are doing well.  Well the topic of today’s post is very serious and notable. You must read this post if you are searching an apartment, room or flat on a rent.  

If you can’t afford buying an apartment, your solution is probably to lease. Though moving to a new apartment can be very exciting, finding a good one to rent could be a daunting task. There are things you should consider before the big step, so here are our few picks to make sure you’re prepared before you sign your name.

Fix your budget:

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Cost of the apartment or rent is one the most important thing before searching an apartment for rent. You should go with a place which is affordable for you. Focus your search according to your budget.  It will be easier if you will follow the rule of not exceeding 30-percent of your monthly income.  

Work with professionals:

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Going to brokers and using their service can sometime give you a bitter taste. These days in real estate sector many defrauding case has been heard. So to avoid all kinds of fraud and swindle you should work with professional agents or company who is well literate about real estate sector.     






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Location matters a lot when you are searching for an apartment or room. First of all Research about the site where you are going to shift. Ask to previous resident about the place, weather the place is appropriate or inappropriate to settle.  





What to search for?

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Take a sheet of paper and write them down your requirements list. Do you want a quiet building close to school or work that allows pets and has free parking? How about a dishwasher machine or laundry facilities nearby?





Inspect the rooms:

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Inspection is must. Look for the “hidden” attributes and if there’s any damage ask for it to be repaired otherwise you may be blamed for it later. Here are a few things to take a closer look at:

  • Pipes – be it gas, water or anything else, check for leaks.
  • Sink faucets, shower heads and water – make sure water (both cold and hot) really comes out of the faucets and the shower head and it’s with a decent pressure. Also thetoilet has to flush properly and thoroughly.
  • Electricity and appliances should all be working. Check if all the lights or other electric devices are operational. Also check the air conditioner and the heater to see if they’re good for anything.
  • Walls and windows. Check the windows to see if they open, close and lock properly. Also inspect the walls. The more walls in common (shared with adjoining apartments), the greater the chance of noise from next door.
  • Noise. For a student, outside noise may be extremely disturbing and may interfere with learning. If it’s a highly trafficked area you may have problems concentrating and even sleeping.